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intermittent buzzing sound right at the touch of the throttle?

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Hey guys - I know this is a tuning forum and maybe this posted on the wrong html but it's got my tuning stopped.

essentially the absolute second I touch the throttle I get a buzzing sound. With the help of a buddy it really sounds like (through a mechanics stethoscope) that it's coming from the fuel rail under the plenum. I don't think its the fuel pump/fuel basket as I've dis-assembled and reassembled. The pump is sitting snug and no loose parts. Nor do I think it's my injectors as I've swapped out my DW600cc for my OEM 335cc, the fuel rail is tight and nothing is rubbing/vibrating against it. My fuel rail does not have a fuel damper but this problem wasnt around earlier in my previous setups. '03 350z/VQDE, CJ motorsports return fuel system, DW600cc, greddy twins, built block, haltech platinum plug & play harness.

Here are a few videos of my dash with the sound...

any help would be appreciated and thank you for your time -


Hey James,

I'm not sure that I can specifically notice the sound you are mentioning. When I saw the title of this thread I assumed you would have been meaning the buzzing of the DBW throttle but now I realise this wasn't the case. It might be worth unplugging the VCT solenoids just for a test and make sure the noise isn't related to the cams being moved.