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Password locks for tune files

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Why would some tuners put password lock on tune files? I get customers but can't do anything to open the base maps for tuning. Is this common in your area?

There are a large number of reasons why tuners will lock their tune files, some of the main ones are;

- Protection of Intellectual Property.

- Protection of reputation (i.e. my engine blew up and I'm going to tell everyone on social media it was tuned by xyz, I also fiddled with some of the settings after it was tuned, but I won't mention that, as that didn't cause the engine failure).

- Locking the customer into return visits for retuning.

- Warranty of the tune/engine build.

- Non payment of debts.

All of the above really.

Personally I don't lock tunes, if it's a standalone ECU they'll log each activity so if a customer has been in about the ECU you can tell very quickly. Generally customers won't touch their tunes and if they're going to they will try everything so you might as well give them full access as it'll be on them if the engine blows.

For ECU's such as the power FC which has variable boost setting reached by the hand controller I will lock (protect) certain parts of the ECU, this allows the customer to change their boost level without the worry if inadvertently changings other setting or values but using FC Datalogit there is no lock out.

If the work is being carried out for a customer who wishes to keep access to the tune restricted then a password will be put in place but it won't be to lock the primary customer out.

If it was for a non-payment of debts it'd get a very low rev limit until full payment is made, if the car has an electronic throttle then this would also be limited to basically make the car drivable but power seriously restricted

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