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hey guys, just 3 days till we have to race in the second biggest toad rally in the world and we have fuel surge problems!! When we are down about 15liters and try turn left.

What I would like to know is would this work and would I have air in the return fuel? I’m going to check it soon but I’m running out of time! We can’t run a surge tank outside the tank due to the regulations and we really have no time to sort out anything permanent.

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That may work, but I would suggest you consider using the Holley HydraMat:


Thank you! I will see if I can get one here in time

+1 for the hydramat, amazing things. I have used a couple in single seaters with bladder tanks with great results

The hydramat worked a treat! Put 10 litres in from a bike dry tank. And! We only had a little 8”x8” cross mat because the tanks has so many shapes to it. Being original, and it worked!! No surge what so ever.

For the forum reference we had an 8”x8” cross mat glued to a polly tank with fuel foam either side of the pump pushing down on the mat incase the glue let go. Also to stop the sloshing as well.

Excellent!! Glad you were able to make that happen on a short schedule.

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