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Hi Guys,

I've got a issue that i am looking for some information on.

A client's 2012 R35 Track Pack UK spec busted the Clutch Basket B on a 1st Gear Launch, the common failure. It is a straight forward repair.

The client then ordered the Dodson forged clutch basket. This did not fit. It was the same number of splines but it just wouldn't line up. Upon closer inspection we found that the Dodson splines were much thicker and would fail to even line up on the shaft. According to Dodsons and research online there does not seem to be any variances in clutch baskets over the years.

We sent the part back to dodson's hoping that it could be a one off manufacturing error but they confirmed that it fits 2 transmissions they have at the shop.

Has anyone come across this issue before?

Attached are the OEM clutch baskets and Dodsons side by side. I am confident that the shaft is in good condition and that the baskets are actually different.

Any light on this topic would be greatly appreciated.


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Sorry I don't have enough specific knowledge on the R35 transmission. I'd suggest getting hold of Shep Trans and seeing if they can help you out. Shep is probably the main supplier of high end GR6 transmissions in the world and he uses the Dodson product. If this is a known issue he would have seen it.

Thanks Andre,

I reached out to them as well. He didn't go into any specifics but did mention that the clutch basket that they sell will definitely fit. Dodson is now sending us another one to try and if that fails will definitely try the Shep Trans replacement unit.

Thanks again