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Silent exhaust on high power turbo

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is there a way to quiet down the exhaust sound on my 1fz without lossing much power and keeping it safe for the engine and turbo?

the turbo is gtx42 hp around 800

any fabrication? or maybe a muffler from high power stock car?

because here the police really hate noisy cars... even if its not that high sound. it needs to be like stock.

AES here in Australia make mufflers designed for high power turbo cars without restricting flow. In the end the volume of damping media exposed to the exhaust stream (other than helmholtz resinator for a specific frequency) is the only way to quieten an exhaust without additional back pressure and conseqent power loss. If you can fit a large volume muffler and resonator (or two) it will give the best result.

AES also do heavy duty bypass valves if you want to cruise with a more restrictive system so it is very quiet but open it up when you want it.

If you are getting something made locally perforated tube straight through, thin wrap of stainless then the majority of the chamber filled with rockwool (ceramic insulation), glass packing will melt.