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Quality Diesel Tuners Whom Actually Write Tunes

Practical Diesel Tuning

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I need any good referrals to good Diesel tuners in America. Not just shops whom load others tunes but those whom actually write tunes and who are not lazy. Refusing to finesse the file especially after being paid well to do so.

I guess where are you located and what platform are you interested in tuning?

Yes and no. I work at a shop as a day job and I do all the tuning and some diag. At the same time I write tunes for other shops, though I offer full support for everyone I tune weather it be someone that came into our shop, another shop or someone who has ordered online. Most shops can afford a full time tuner nor do they have the need for one. Most shops outsource tuning. Its a lot simpler to pay someone $X to send you a file or mail them a PCM then it is to have someone at your shop on payroll doing tuning if you only tune 3-4 trucks a week.

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