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motec math channel error

Professional Motorsport Data Analysis

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im trying to to the math channel for driver Throttle aggression but does not seem to work?


It looks like you are missing two closing brackets in the formula, matching the error shown at the bottom.


where would these closed brackets go?

thank you

Yes, two closing brackets are missing, can't comment on placement as it's been a very long time since I've done any programming or Boolean logic, it also seems like a lot of AND conditions, and I don't recall it being common practice to use the same instruction multiple times?

So one needs to go at the end of the choose function, which would be after "invalid()" function since that is the final parameter for the choose().

Try this.

choose('Throttle Pedal' [%] > 5, 'Throttle Pedal' [%] < 95, 'Throttle Pedal' [%] > 5) AND abs('Vehicle Acceleration Lateral' [G] > 0.5 AND 'Vehicle Acceleration Longitudinal' [G] > 0) AND derivative(smooth('Throttle Pedal' [%], 0.5)) > 0

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