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I'm finishing the Practical Reflash Tuning Course to continue with the example area. I want to start acquiring the basic/necessary equipment to start practicing (Road Tuning, of course, I can't buy a dyno at this moment). I have an American Muscle Car (Camaro 2017 3.6 V6) and a lot of people that I know have different types of American Muscle Cars (naturally aspirated engines). I'm considering to acquire the following equipment:

1. Software: HP Tuners / MPVI2 with Pro-Link (two analog inputs for additional log)

2. Knock Detection System: Link KnockBlock G4+

3. Portable AFR Meter: Innovate LM-2. I have a question here, is the Dual O2 kit that includes the two Bosch wide-band oxygen sensors completely necessary? Or can I work with the Single O2 kit and obtain the same results?

I'm a car enthusiast that is completely new to this topics and want to be sure before doing the purchase. I already took the other EFI Tuning's concepts/theory courses and learn a lot in the lasts months


Luis Meléndez

hello the list you have is perfect for what you are doing

Regards Ross