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Help tuning TT LS3 camaro with HP Tuners

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Hi guys. I finally got my twin turbo kit installed on my 2014 camaro ss and its time to start tuning a little. I'm limited to just tuning idle for now because its winter here in Wisconsin and the roads are covered in salt so I wont be doing anything major until spring. I got the base tune from my kit loaded up which should have the correct information for the injectors and be able to get me running which it did. Now at idle it fluctuates from about 650-850 rpms.

Some details on my build:

2014 Camaro SS LS3 manual transmission E38 PCM

Stock cam/internals

AGP Twin turbo kit. 54/75 ball bearing turbos, tail wastegates(8lb spring)/bov.

ZL1 Camaro fuel pump with MSD voltage booster(boost referenced)

AUS 850cc injectors

AEM Methanol injection(more for saftey running 91 octane, boost referenced)

Ill attach my log and tune

Having issues attaching the log. It says it an un-allowed file type but it is a .hpl.

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Here is the data that came with my injectors.

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What are your fuel trims doing at idle and also your ignition timing?

fuel trims are around 5-7 and spark is about 10-13 degrees.

Hmm all sounds close enough not to be causing an issue.

I can't see anything odd in the tune file in regards to the idle side of things, all looks pretty stock, even compared with other maps I have.

I would be checking for vacuum leaks and keep an eye on what the Ethrottle is doing as the idle fluctuates.

Thanks. If I wanted to make adjustments to get those fuel trims down where would it be made? I don't remember seeing anything in the course about adjusting idle parameters.

To reduce your fuel trims you need to calibrate the MAF scaling (if still using a MAF sensor) or SD tables in the idle area. This will become part of your overall tuning process once you can actually drive the car but for now you can get your trims a little closer.

Ok. Im currently tuning in SD and thats where i thought the changed needed to be made but didnt want to adjust anything until I was 100% sure of what I was doing. Thanks for the help guys. I really wish I could drive this thing and get to the real meat and potatoes of tuning.