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Inconsistent MAF readings - Cobb subaru

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Hello all, I have a built legacy gt with Id1050x injectors and a Cobb sf intake. I have been struggling with scaling the MAF. I can get the numbers perfect on one day, but then they will be off by as much as 10% day to day. For example last night I had the car hitting my target of 11:1 perfectly last night, and today the car is hitting 11.5-11.8:1 in boost. This is not the first MAF I have scaled and I've never had this much trouble before. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Most likely you have some other compensation that isn't correct. Was the engine & air temperature in the normal range where the compensations are zero? What is different between the two sessions (air temp, coolant temp, baro pressure, fuel pressure, battery voltage, etc).

Are you sure the injector characterization data is correct?