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Lambda Off - winols, ECM Titanium

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Can someone explain in simple terms what lambda off means to people who do “chiptuning” with software like ECM Titanium or winols and hardware like Kess or Ktag from alientech?

This just deletes the read O2 sensors right? It doesn’t actually turn off the primary fueling lambda (O2) sensors, right? If it does, why would you ever want this?

Can I assume Lambda off deletes all DTCs like P0420/0430 and sets the emissions readiness monitors to be ready?

Hi Andy, I haven't used ECM Titanium so I can not be 100% certain with this however discussing this with a colleague we understand that this simply disables the post cat O2 sensors but doesn't alter any DTCs. In some ECU families the cat efficiency test will no longer run if the post cat O2 are disabled.

Thank you. This confirms what I was thinking. I’ll leave this open for a bit to see if anyone else comments.

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