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2JZGE VVTI Motec settings

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I need a help with my Crank Index Position (CRIP) setting, My engine is 2JZGE VVTI and I'm using the rear Cam position sensor.

I have Set the CRIP to 515 Degree according to some forums in the net . Now I 'm ready to start up the engine but I have doubt on this setting, I need a help from some body with experience with the MOTEC and 2JZGE VVTI please.

The information that I have for the 2JZ CrIP is that a base setting of 154 degrees is a good starting point, and then using the Adjust | Ignition | Crank Index Position test function, refine it in conjunction with a timing light, until the number entered in the M800 and the timing light align. Do not forget to exit out of the test before disconnecting from the M800.

hi guys,

I have tested the injectors and Ignition outputs using the TEST OUTPUT option and the outputs are fine, But I'm not getting sparks while cranking and I'm getting many ref/sync Errors. I have done the ref/sync capture, it's attached.

I have also attached screen shots of the ref/sync errors I'm getting . I need help please.

Ref/Sync mode 7 only expects 1 tooth on the cam, you have three. I think Ref/Sync mode 33 is what you need for the VVTi engine.

Yes, now I'm getting the spark, 33 is the right ref/sync mode. Thank you Adam and Stephen

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