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Innovate LM-2 - Sending data to a Link G4+

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Hey Andre,

Background: I am setting myself up with a hardware setup that is easily repeatable in any car tuning on the road, part of that is obviously performing steady state whilst driving so I want to connect my Innovate LM-2 to my Link G4+ but not permanently. Please excuse how dumb I might sound as I don't know jack about wiring LOL

So without fully understanding anything, I would like to attach a generic style female plug end to the Analog Out 1 on the Innovate Analog cable. I would then attach a male plug end to the Link G4 XS Loom and plug it in to the expansion port on the link (then configure etc).

This way (in theory) I would always have a way of quickly plugging in to anyone's Link (or other ecu) to record Lambda whilst i do steady state on the road.

What I am having trouble understanding, is whether or not the Link can read the Analog signal, or do i need a way to convert it to a digital signal before it reaches the link so the link can read the signal.

I am also having trouble understanding if the ECU would then supply power to the LM2 and therefore the wideband sensor or would it still be powered through the cigarette lighter port.

End goal is, being able to hop in to someones car and plug in to their ecu and record Lambda direct through the ecu to do accurate steady state then unplug and repeat in another car (so a repeatble reliable way of doing things).

Hope this all makes sense, really sorry in advance if i sound like a dumbass.



The Link ECU (as well as most other aftermarket ECUs) will accept an analog 0-5V wideband no worries. You will need to connect the LM2 analog + to any AN Volt input on the XSL and connect the LM2 analog - to sensor ground on the XSL. The ECU will not provide power, you will need to use the cigarette socket or a jumper pack.

Just set the analog input to "Lambda 1 and set the calibration to "LC1".

Hey Adam,

Glad you could understand what I meant, that's awesome thank you very much for your help there! That's exactly what I needed to know

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