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Shock (rear) mounting height question

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Hi guys,

was fitting the rear shocks to my E30 today. I’ve converted them to coilover. Pretty typical stuff. I had them modified for length etc. Ive made a very expensive mistake and handed over my measured ride height numbers and not my full droop measurements. So I’ve ended up with shocks 50mm shorter than desired. I know. Huge facepalm.

Can I…. Space them down 50mm and be ok? Or will it give me an undesirable motion? I’ve got plenty of head room for shock travel. So ok there. Just worried about the angle and motion.

Would appreciate your help.



I assume you're still using the semi-trailing arms? You should be fine with simply moving the mounting point(s) - just make sure they are strong enough to resist any forces that may try to displace the points.

Yes the factory arms are retained in the rear.

Highly modified but still there.

If simply dropping the top mount won’t introduce any negative effects that will by far be the cheapest and easiest way to fix my mistake.

are you aware of any modeling or methods to model how that might change?

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