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Best AFR for Methanol Blending fuel

Understanding AFR

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I am tuning a lot of 2.0 TFSI engine EA113, and reaching the limit of DI injectors @ 450 Hp

On big turbo setup (Gtx3582 and bigger ) i am using separate fuel rail + 4 aditional injectors (ID1050x) with 90% methanol as a fuel (add 10% gas thinking might help the pump and the injectors).

did some tests with 0.80 target - not ok - melting the spark plugs

did some tests with 0.72 and 0.76 and running OK

did some test with 0.65 running ok but with lot of power lost same boost same timing advance

the main question is: What target lambda whould you recomand running ?

What are you using to measure lambda?

Here we have a problem like that, If you tune any engine that has more than 120whp per cylinder at a lambda of .80 you are gonna have problems, here we have to tune those engine at .71-.73 we sacrifice power but we save the engine (97 octane pump gas), If we run some blend with highoctane race fuel is a different story, we can run much "leaner" AFR and make more power at the same boost and timing without melting engine parts. It would be great if you can add EGR to the data to decide for the best lambda, but for what you say you will have to run on the rich side or bigger exhaust housing to lower the backpressure and EGR etc.

i am using the car's lambda senzor it's a bosch wideband.

Keep it on the rich side. Try the 0.72 . High concentrations of methanol are prone to preignition (ethanol is similar), which is probably why you melted your spark plugs. Also, you need cold spark plugs.

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