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Does this AFR table look OK for a boosted LS3?

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Does this AFR table look ok for a twin turbo ls3 engine running 8psi??

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Hello Alex,

This is what I am running with an LQ9 / stroker / LS3 heads. Still not dynoed, but drives fine. Be carefull with timing, LS Don't need a lot maybe no more then 18 - 20° total at 8PSI.

I started to run it with E85 for tuning then will go to flex fuel.

I'd say that you're a little richer than you need to be just about everywhere. For good fuel economy in cruise conditions you really want to be around 14.7:1. The table Alex has posted above is more in line with where I'd be. Generally I'll be around 13.5-14.0 around atmospheric pressure and then at 8 psi I'd be at about 12.0:1 or perhaps as rich as 11.5:1.