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126 - Reflashing

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Can anyone suggest a good re flashing tool for the European market (VAG, BMW, Merc, European Fords....), hardware and software. Not looking for open source at the moment as I'm new to this and would like the support.



If you're new to this I'd highly recommend getting a copy of winols and familiarising yourself with it, this is the software most file writers use.

After taking a look at it myself I was more than happy to become a slave operator for another company who I could trust to cover all the types of cars I couldn't tune with the tools I already have. The hardware we use is Dimsport Genius and Transdata

Thanks Chris

I'm glad you said Dimsport Genius and Transdata as these are the ones I'm about to buy. I will download Winols and take a look.



I'm here to ask the same question but what companies can be trusted to send good file that will do what they say they do.

I am a Tuner and cutting down on the service repair and building of engine's and focusing on tuning.

So i'm looking into the cash cow of OBD2 re-flash for the euro market.

I researched Kess V2 Pricey and only down loads and up loads, no software changes

I found these guys but no reply yet:




Any other options and what is the best and value for money.


hi Geoffrey, did you manage to find a tuner who can support you? If not pop me a mail at damian@atm-chiptuning.net. I'll be happy to answer all your questions.

At last,is Winols a universal software tool for euro market?I'm about to start tuning i am new to this area,so should i start with Winols and cmd tool ?

Winols is a very very advanced program used to tune vehicles, it is the software you use to try find maps and and tune cars. Cmd is the interface you use to read and write.

OK thanks a lot. So do you suggest winols and cmd I suppose or not?

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