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185 | Installing Wire Locks and Spiro Locks

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hi Guys

I watched this as i was hoping to answer a question I have on lock wires.... I have new JE pistons that use lock wires, Ive done a few mock up builds to check piston to valve clearance and also for the engine to be balanced.

This means the lock pin has been on and off the piston a few times and I fitted then as per the Webinar... do they need replacing for the final assembly?

You may be fine, but I'd regard a new set as cheap insurance, as you may have slightly deformed one while working with them.

I went the cheap insurance route and purchased a new set just to be sure

For a mock up I don't install both wire locks. You can install one and leave it installed permanently but on the other side I just use a piece of tape to prevent the pin working out and contacting the bore wall. Once I'm happy with the dummy build I'll final assemble the parts with the second wire lock installed. While you might be able to get away with reusing the wire locks, it's advisable to replace them.

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