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#185 Wire Locks: What about Kramm-Lox Sure-Lox?

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They seem to make using wire locks a lot easier for no apparent penalty. Are they a preferred solution?

Kramm-Lox has apparently been bought by CP

Kramm-Lox Install and Remove Tips

Sidebar: Don't the wire locks use chamfered pins which press the lock into the groove improving retention?

Sidebar: Isn't using a DLC coating another way to handle to the pin lubrication issues in some applications?

Hi David, I'm aware of the Kramm-Lox but have yet to use them myself. They certainly seem like a step forward in simplifying the installation process. The last set of CP pistons I fitted used a conventional wire lock.

To answer your other questions, yes, the pins suited to a wire lock have a chamfer on their OD which improves retention. Pins designed for a spirolock on the other hand don't have this chamfer.

DLC coating reduces friction and wear but I wouldn't say it's a band aid for insufficient lubrication. Lubrication of the wrist pin is primarily an issue during initial startup until an oil mist lubrication is established. Of course this assumes oil mist rather than forced oiling of the wrist pin.

Mahle seems to have a tool or recommend a tool: Circlip Installation