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1jzvvti inlet cam offset

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Hello, Should the dc output of cam vvti camshaft solinoid go to 0.00 when i have gone through and set the offset of the camshaft to the lowest number when doing the trigger setup test? And also is it ok from the actual postion of the camshaft to fluctuate from zero when theres no dc % acting on it while watching the runtime values. Its alink g4 storm black on a 1jzvvti. Thanks

You will usually see that the actual cam solenoid DC is always showing some movement and will generally hover around the duty cycle required to hold the position static (typically 40-60%), otherwise you'd find the cam very slow to respond when initially advancing off zero. Likewise you'll always see the cam move slightly (perhaps +/-2-3 degrees from target). You can actually create control issues related to integral windup if you try too hard to drive the cam target to zero and it can't achieve it.

Thanks for the reply Andre,

So if it set my trigger 2 vvt offset to the offset generated doing the cam angle test and my solenoids dc % output goes below the 40-60% dc output, Should i set the min dc clamp table to 40% for the temperatures above my vvti ect lockout?

Clamping the solenoid DC will limit how hard and quickly the cam can be advanced or retarded. Normally the clamp value will be near the limit of the solenoids operating range - perhaps 15-85%. Honestly if the PID gains are set sensibly then you shouldn't have much issue with needing to clamp the solenoid DC. What is your actual issue that you're trying to solve?

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