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Calculate VE Values out of Pulsewidth Table

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Hey guys,

My Name is Jan and i am upgrading my 1995 supra 2jzgte with a Borg Warner S362, i did some Datalogs with the OEM ECU and i also have an old Tuned AEM V1 ECU with the same turbo and same engine from the last owner .

I bought an AEM Infinity and watched the Pracital Standalone Tuning Course, also red the Books from Greg Banish.

As of my Datalogs and old AEM Maps i ve got a nice Base for starting with Ignition but for Pulsewith i only got the values injector pulsewidth time and injector size. THe AEM Infinity uses VE Tables

The Volumetric Efficiency of my Engine is 100% = 3 liters displacement of AIR

Now my Question

1. i guess there is a formula which i can use , that i can calculate an VE Value out of my Pulsewidth Time and Injector size and lambda isnt it?

( when there is x time of pulsewidth there is y amount of fuel then there is a ratio between air and fuel so i shouuld get the VE Value out of this)

the second topic i didnt found in the course is , and i think there is an webinar or similar video available that i dont know yet

2. i d like to upgrade the 2jzgte to wideband Knock Sensors and configure them Individually on the AEM Infinity to get a safer control about detonation

do you have a tutorial / Webinar for this? In best case direct for AEM but i also could use another ECU Platform to get used in it

thanks in advance


In order to calculate VE based on IPW you will also need actual lambda vs comanded lambda log. Without that data you will know only one thing - how long your fuel injector stays open in order to deliver actual lambda. You will not know what VE the actual lambda was delivered at. But even if you know your mass air flow you will also need to know exact fuel properties such as density, pressure, temperature...

It is much easier to make a few pulls to log commanded lambda vs actual and adjust VE table as required to match both.

The reality is that you'll probably be faster and more accurate to just tune the VE table to achieve your target lambda rather than trying to reverse engineer an injection time map and concert to VE. Even between two VE based ECUs running on the same engine the VE maps will not be identical, so the chances of you calculating the VE numbers from injection time and actually finding that your AFR is exactly on point is pretty unlikely.

We don't have a specific webinar on setting up the knock control on the AEM Infinity, however the principle is fairly similar to most aftermarket ECUs. I'd suggest watching this webinar on the G4+ Link ECU to get an idea of what is required -