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injection angle timing

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hi guys,

I’m am having some issues with cylinder trimming after upgrading from the platinum gm sport ecu to the new elite ecu, some cylinders are needing a -30%trim some are needing a +25%trim and some are needing no trim. My question is could the wrong injection angle be causing this as I didn’t seem to have this issue with the older ecu, if this is the case what is the standard injection angle used on a holden 5l v8. the map in my ecu is show a end of injection angle 389-440 BTDC

my car is a N/A 355 manual, it is running sequential injection and direct fire ignition with banked O2 control.

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Try regarding the map and see what happens. Zero out your cylinder trims and adjust end of injection angle in 15 degree steps.

would it be better to have open valve injection

You have to check on a dyno. Most likely it doesn't make a large difference.

I'd be surprised if your injection timing would have a large affect on the bank to bank fuelling unless your injectors aren't wired to the correct cylinders. Basically with proper sequential injection, each cylinder should be receiving fuel at the same point in the engine cycle so that shouldn't give much potential for fluctuations in fuelling bank to bank. That being said, it's easy to try changing the timing and testing the effect for yourself.

Is this a new issue based only on the upgrade to the Elite? Were you monitoring both banks prior to fitting the Elite?

only really noticed it after i upgraded to the elite ecu, the old ecu was only in for a month and then removed so didn't really get much time to do a lot of testing and fine tuning. bank 1 was always trimming more fuel then bank 2 from initial setup,but after doing a individual cylinder check i had some very weird results, cyl#1 -20%, cyl#2 -21%, cyl#3 0%, cyl#4 +14%,cyl#5 +4%, cyl#6 -1%, cyl#7 -34%, cyl#8 -31%. i just can not explain these reading

Perhaps you should have your injectors tested to make sure they flow the same (certainly +/- 2% or less). Alternately, try swapping injectors between cylinders to see if the trims follow the injectors or the cylinders.

hi david, did my injectors as soon as i found differences in the cylinders and they were nearly all within spec, i then swapped injectors around to see if the issue followed the injectors and the results were the same no matter what cylinder the injectors were moved to,

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