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Is there any planing for new courses? I was hoping to get more courses for VIP members:


1) Fuel Film Advanced Method

2) Antilag Rally Style

3) Dwell calibration and instrumentation with an oscilloscope

4) DSG/PDK Style Transmission Control

5) CO2 Boost Control Set up...

6) SENT Sensors Calibration


A few ideas:

Advanced features via motec dash - cool stuff you can do like control parachute deployment based on conditions, reverse cameras, just different ways to leverage the dash and software to enable functionality people don’t typically associate with a dash

Solid State Kill Switches like the MSEL

When to consider a PDM - street car PDM integration

Hey team, we do have a range of courses planned for the next 12 months however we have been put a little behind schedule given the current covid-19 situation. We're also currently in the process of employing some more staff to help speed up production.

@Felipe, many of your suggestions don't suit a complete course and would be more likely to be covered in a webinar. For one example, we already have a webinar on antilag here, however we do intend to revisit this with a little more detail in a small course - https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/104-antilag-operation/

It's unlikely in the foreseeable future that we swill cover anything relating to DSG gearboxes. We do have a complete PDM course planned. Our other planned courses include Cam Control tuning, Direct Injection fundamentals, CAN Fundamentals, and Traction Control tuning just to name a few. Unfortunately I can't promise any release dates at this stage.

@Andre Thanks for the reply, looking forward to getting some awesome content.


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