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Setting downshifting on H-Pattern Dogbox

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Hi Andre, regarding the event of downshifting, the driver's aim is to go from 4the to 3th, for example. He putts the hand on the lever and the strain gauge sends a signal to the ECU and therefore an "ignition cut" occurs. Does the driver has always to blip the throttle (on his own) to allow the engagement ( as well to allow the disengagement or the cut will be enough) or the minimum threshold rpm set for upshifting will allow this blip "automatically" and allow the rpm to to increase and match the revs of the 3th gear? I am a bit confused because if the ignition is being cut, how can I bring the rpm up? Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback. Kind regards, Luis.

PS: As I am not familiar with the forum, sorry for messing around.

Hi Luis, unfortunately using an H pattern shifter makes gear cut/auto blip control pretty tricky. The reason being of course that depending on the shift, the same force on the lever could be an upshift or downshift request. In most instances on an h pattern shifter the strain gauge is always used for upshift gear cut and the driver will manually match revs with a throttle blip on down shifts. An ignition cut on the downshift will actually prevent the rev matching since you can't blip the throttle so usually there will be a throttle threshold that must be exceeded for a cut to occur and this kind of defines whether the shift is up or down.

It is possible on some ECUs to use some tricky logic based on clutch or brake switches in order to blip the throttle however in general this is left to the driver.

Hi Andre, I got it! Thanks :)

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