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Webinar 231 - Megasquirt Tuner Studio - Advanced Comments

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I am watching the webinar now and I am seeing an opportunity to speed up your tuning. At about 17 minutes into the video the EGO correction gauge is used to speed up correcting the VE numbers. What isn't highlighted but seems pretty obvious to the viewer, is that there is a digital version of that number four columns over and one column down. (Watching the rest of the video highlights this after all). However, that number can't be entered as it's displayed into the "scale cell" dialog.

For that, we can create a "custom channel" by using the Custom Channel Editor.

I will create a youtube video soon that will tell you the basics, but you can play around with it by opening up wizard and selecting "output channel".

Pick a channel name and use the channels, functions, and parameters to create an expression. From there, you can create a gauge template that uses that channel. You can do some really cool stuff with custom channels in Tunerstudio and Megalogviewer.

Hey Steve, thanks for the comment. You're right, the EGO correction is displayed in a digital form as well as the analogue gauge - I was reasonably sure that I actually pointed that out but perhaps not? Let us know once you've got a video up as I'd be keen to take a look.

I noticed the digital thing later in the video. I've been incredibly busy at work so I haven't been able to break away to make a video, but I will try to do so soon.

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