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Electronic damper control, what is it and where is it advantageous?

Dejan Ninic of TT Suspension runs us through what a damper is doing for your car and where something like TracTive Suspension's DDA valve can give engineers and drivers the ability to throw overall track compromise out the window and make pre-programmed, reactive or driver-controlled adjustments for any corner on the track. Note this is the system used on the Elmer Racing powered RP968 Porsche Time Attack car which is mouth-wateringly close to resetting the lap record at Eastern Creek, the home of the World Time Attack Challenge.

While visually almost identical to tradition suspension once cracked open Dejan explains the inner workings of this setup and how things can be manually set and then electronically controlled to give a much bigger window for the damper to operate in giving it the ability to keep the optimum contact patch between the tyres and the track in more situations.

The ability for TracTive Suspension’s DDA valve to react within 6 milliseconds gives precise control which can be done via a MoTeC or other appropriate dash or ECU based on g-forces, distance, location and speed etc, however just as active trumpet lengths did in the past for Formula 1 drivers, this can be unsettling so manual driver settings are also on hand.

Also discussed are how systems like this can help get the most out of aero packages, something well established in Time Attack and how like many aftermarket components control can be done via CAN Bus keeping the wiring to a minimum.

NOTE: Feeling a bit of deja vu? You might have seen this on the old Racecraft channel, we're slowly bringing those great interviews that a lot of people missed over to HPA.

0:00 - Tyre Contact Patch & Damper Tuning
0:22 - RP968 Tractive Suspension Damper Setup
1:35 - Damper Curve/Valving Explanation
2:13 - Low Speed Vs High Speed Response
3:08 - Conventional Setup with DDA Valve
3:57 - Manual Vs Electronic Adjustment Process
4:52 - Energy Curve Vs Height
6:30 - How Are 'Mode' Adjustments Made?
7:25 - GPS Profile Selection/Tuning
8:09 - Tractive or TT Suspension
8:30 - Free Lessons, More Videos, All The Good ThIngs

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