EKanoo Racing - First import to break the 5 second barrier

History was made today as EKanoo Racing broke their own Import World Record and became the first to break through the 5 second zone with a 5.972 @ 240.62 mph. There has been intense competition over the last six months to break through the 5 second barrier, with Rod Harvey’s Celica and Zoian’s Solara also tantalisingly close to the mark. This is a massive achievement for import racing world wide and we congratulate Ebrahim Kanoo, Gary White, Shane Tecklenburg and the entire Ekanoo Racing team for their achievements.

Video from EKanoo Racing's YouTube Header image from EKanoo Racing website

We talked to the EKanoo Racing tuner Shane Tecklenburg at PRI about running 5 seconds in an import. 


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    congrats sir
    - lokesh India
    5 years ago