FJ40 Build Update, SR20VE Swapped 86 Rain Racing & More [UPDATE 297]

SR20VE swapped Toyota 86 update, sprint racing in the rain, FJ40 build and MORE today at HPA.

This is the [UPDATE] that came before members only lesson '297 | Balance Shaft Removal - 4G63'. Details on the lesson and how to sign-up below.

SR86 Update: Billet caps, racing in the rain on physics defying Michelin wets, shit happens but don't let that put you off.

FJ40 'Modernization' Build: Toyota 3uz-fe V8 conversion, R151F gearbox, coilover suspension, hydraulic bump stops, 35" tyres, brake upgrade, MoTeC electronics and some other odds and sods.

Leyton House classic Formula 1 suspension care of Adrian Newey.

HPA Tuned In podcast recent releases: Lucas English of English racing talking how to launch an EVO drag car off the line, 4b11 vs 4g63 and more plus Craig Williams of Neutron Engines and his Honda V8 build which utilizes many Honda K24 components. Both of these are really interesting podcasts with a HUGE range of topics that get into the nitty gritty of it all.

0:00 - Balance Shaft Removal Webinar Intro
0:50 - SR86 Update
3:40 - Don't Be Discouraged
4:45 - Billet Caps
10:14 - Giving It Some Boost: 23 PSI
12:03 - Rain Racing
19:00 - Leyton House Formula 1 Suspension
22:54 - Adrian Newey's Book Is Awesome: How To Build A Car
23:35 - 1982 FJ40 Build (BJ42 V8 Conversion)
24:50 - Suspension
25:05 - Diffs and Axles
25:18 - Engine (not a 350 Chev)
25:53 - 4 Pot Caliper (Yes they do fit, woo!)
26:40 - Gearbox
27:10 - 4 Link Rear
27:55 - CAD Fuel Tank (Cardboard Aided Design, always a classic)
28:48 - Wiring and Electronics
29:05 - Honda V8 Podcast - Neutron Engines
30:50 - EVO Drag Racing Podcast - Lucas English
31:51 - Get Stuck Into A Free Lesson

WEBINAR INFO: Removing the balance shafts from a 4G63 has long been a common way of freeing up a little power as well as eliminating as potential failure point. Done properly it can achieve both these aims, however if this is not dealt with correctly it can actually cause premature oil pump failure. We’ll look at the two common options and cover the pros and cons of each.

Want to watch the members-only webinar lesson on Block Preparation, Mechanical vs Electric Fuel Pumps or Engine Failure Analysis along with over 290 other lessons on engine building, tuning, and wiring topics? Sign up here for only $19 USD a month, start and stop at any time (unlike your gym membership!).


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