4000+HP Pro Line V8 Maintenance | XW Falcon [TECH TOUR]

Running 45psi and 4000hp+ on factory leaf springs and 275 radials, this XW Falcon certainly catches some attention.

In this week's [Tech Tour] Andre talks to Frank from Dandy Engines about running Steve Bezzina's Pro Line Racing 481X powered Falcon in the ProMod drag series.

First up Andre talks with Frank about the kind speeds the FuelTech ECU controlled and Precision Turbo & Engine boosted 540ci 481X Falcon is hitting down the strip with a 6.72 at 216mph achieved at the time of filming at the 2020 Sydney Jamboree. From there the stroked Pro Line engine itself is discussed including some of the restrictions teams have to follow in the ProMod category to keep the playing field level for competitors regards of their forced induction/power adder choices or lack of.

Also talked about is the maintenance and time put into looking after these high output engines and how often teams are having to swap out valve springs, con rods and plugs along with how Frank and the team around the car often check the spark plugs to help confirm the data they get from the engine's sensors.

Lastly how strong the billet aluminium blocks these days are along with the ability to repair them if and when required, and how difficult is it to maintain a Pro Line engine outside of the USA are touched on.

At this stage, the size of the Mickey Thompson 275 radials on Weld Racing rims the car runs to comply with class rules are the major limiting factors with more power easily on tap to wind up with future development.

00:00 - Intro
00:29 - Drag Strip Run
00:36 - 1/4 Mile ET and Speed
01:36 - The Pro Line 481X Engine
01:54 - What are the Rules in ProMod to level the playing field?
02:39 - Increase Engine Capacity
02:50 - Maintaining the Car
04:25 - Spark Plugs vs Sensors
04:49 - Balancing Power and Traction
06:07 - Life Expectancy of Engine Components
07:32 - Billet Block Strength
08:05 - Can you service Pro Line engines outside of the USA
09:26 - Outro

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