[TECH TALK] What do you know about engine bearings? | King Engine Bearings

When it comes to the reliability of high performance or high output engines there is a lot of misunderstanding in the industry surrounding the technology being applied to engine bearings. Ron Sledge from King Engine Bearings talks to Andre in order to give us some insight into your options.

Discussed are the differences in construction plus the pros and cons of bi-metal vs tri-metal bearing shell constructions along with some of the requirements and implications of running tighter clearances, including the all-important tradeoff between embeddability and peak bearing loads.

Also covered are how modern bearing shells can offer improved load handling, additional lubrication holes and a reduced chance of lowered oil pressure care of Kings SmartLug™ technology, where the locating lug is positioned on the back of the shell instead of the inside surface helping remove the chance of oil leakage.

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