Why 45 PSI And 2800HP Needs Aero | Corvette [TECH TOUR]

With close to 3000hp via an 88mm twin-turbo V8 setup, Morris Malones Z06 Corvette has been and will continue to be ‘one to watch’ in the ½ mile drag racing scene.

At the time of filming this was the fastest RWD car down the ½ mile via its 6.6L LS engine running an aluminium Dart LS Next block with ductile iron liners, Edelbrock LS-R cylinder hears, Precision 88mm Gen II Pro Mod turbos and a MoTeC M1 John Reed Racing package ECU. The car runs intercooler free due to being methanol fed via 16 Injector Dynamics ID2000s and a Waterman rear mounted mechanical fuel pump and power is put to the ground via a TH400 transmission that was, unfortunately, the cause of some issues at this years Airstrip Attack event, leading to the teams weekend being cut short.

As well as the setup, Andre runs us through a few of the systems that help get a car like this up to (and over soon we’re sure!) speeds of 239mph in only 2640 feet (805m) via traction control and aero. Interestingly before the current rear wing and diffuser setup was installed the car could not run more than 30psi of boost without severe traction issues at speeds over 220mph which helps to show that there is always so many factors that go into getting this power to the ground effectively.

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