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e98- turbo change from vnt to wastegate

Boost Control

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hi guys, i have a 2014 holden rg colorado 2.8 duramax running a E98 controller. i am currently in the process of fitting a larger turbocharger. the sock turbo was a 39mm vnt and the new turbo is a 46mm waste gated turbo, along with the turbo im fitting +30 nozzles. in the torque management tab in hp tuners there is a tab called "forced induction- type fitted. should i change this to wg? also will i have to leave my vnt actuator connected and just secure it into the engine bay? also any other tuning tips with this build would be appreciated

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Hi Kyle, that's a great question and unfortunately one I haven't personally had been in a position to test out. Your assumption makes sense and is how I would proceed - Change the actuator type to WG. I'd personally remove the VNT actuator and see what you end up with in the way of DTCs (which you should be able to then disable as required. There shouldn't be any real tricks to the tuning as you swap from VNT to WG control though.

thanks andre. also can u calcify what "modes" and "alt is controlled by in fueling maps? i know the alt will be different barometric readings but can it be adjusted or tricked? i have a crazy idea of being able to switch maps on the fly using a different mode or different alt, say run a normal tune in med alt then have a hi boost hi fueling map in the hi alt mode i just need to work out how to switch it. using a resister on the barometric sensor may work?

I use a simular set up in my e38 ls cars with the flex fuel map to control fuel and timing on nitrous

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