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Cam "parked" position? Cadillac ATS LTG - Are the Numbers in Cam Table Retard?

Variable Cam Control Tuning

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I was hoping someone much smarter than me can chime in and explain the parked position of these cams, and also what the numbers in the intake and exhaust cam tables mean, for the GM LTG engine in the Cadillac ATS/Chevrolet Camaro.

I read up on Gen IV and V V8 motors which are obviously different as they only have one cam with intake and exhaust lobes on it. If I understood correctly, the parked position of the cam (with no input from the ECU) is fully advanced, and the cam can only be retarded (as it relates to engine crank degrees).

Is the LTG intake cam fully advanced when in the park position and can only be retarded?

Do the LTG cams work the same way as the V8 motors? Meaning, even though I see positive numbers in the cam table, this is degrees of retard?

For instance, if I seen 19 degrees in an intake cam table, does the mean the ECU is commanding 19 degrees or retard (referenced in engine crank degrees).

Now what about the exhaust cam?

Is the LTG exhaust cam fully advanced when in the park position?

Do the numbers in the exhaust cam table correspond to degrees of retard?

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