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MK60 ABS Wake Up

CANBus Communications Decoded

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I have fitted a MK60 ABS unit with a Link ECU and ECU Master ADU and I cant get the wheel speed messages onto the ECU, apparently the MK60 wont transmit messages until it gets a wake up call from the standard ECU (which I dont have). Year ago I had the same issue Link ECU and AIM dash and found a CAN emulator which was built for the car, to order it they wanted the chassis number.

I have been told that to make it all work I just need to put in the CAN addresses and it will be fine. Well...Im trying.

I have a number of addresses that I have found on the net and one that does have the final part of the chassis number but this is a unit not off this car and when I plug into with standard diagnostics it doesn't show a chassis number on the module, so whats it looking for? what does it need to be told?

Has anybody done this without a CAN emulator?



So I got it working but not the way I wanted to.

I got hold of a factory car and yes there is a message ID with the chassis number in and it only appears when the ign is first turned on.

I had a shuffle round on my setup with the two different CANs with different speeds and added the Mini CAN template to the Link ECU which works with the BMWs. I then sniffed it afterwards and there is no message ID, the one with the chassis number, not sure how it works but it does.

I don't have access to a factory MK60 car. Any chance you could share what you found for that wakeup message?

Hi, I see that this is a year old, but I have a lot of experience with MK60e5. To make it easy, you could grab the digital wheelspeed signals from the MK60.

If you have the e5, the wakeup signal is 12v on pin 29. If you have the older model with pressuresensors on the outside its is pin4. I dont need to wake mine up with a CAN message. But I have the Motorsport mapping, maybe its different.

@cammohenke any chance youre able to pull pedal pressure can message out of the Mk60e5?

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