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Non-Twisted CANBUS Wiring

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hi Team,

I have finished my wiring harness only to realize I needed to use a twisted pair for the canbus wiring. Now I'm faced with the dilemma of cutting my harness apart to re-do this section or adding a twisted pair covered in DR25 and running it outside of the main harness but still through the same grommet through firewall (this is what I am leaning towards)

The only devices on the network will be the Link Storm and the Link Can-Lambda Unit. (I may add a Dash in the future)

My question is: Would the non-twisted wiring be okay if I were to set the network to a low transmission speed in order to reduce noise and would a lower speed be okay for transferring exhaust lambda data to the ecu?

Most likely will be fine since there is little traffic. Try it and see. There are CAN diagnostic parameters visible in the runtimes screen that will show if there are any bus errors. On my dyno I have a CAN extension lead that I sometimes need to use that is not twisted pair and I have never had any problems with it. CAN is generally pretty robust and will handle a lot of bad practices, especially on buses with not too much traffic.

As mentioned, it's bad practice but with so few devices listening/transmitting it's probably going to be fine. Since the harness seems like its made, if it isn't make a second CAN harness and have it on deck for when you start adding to the trunk.

Thanks Guys,

I'll give it a go as it is and see if it works fine.

There's a few things I'm not happy with on the ecu/fuse box side of the harness. I used a bunch of deutsch connectors which is a bit messy and is difficult to take in and out of the car. I will end up using a bulkhead connector instead so I'll plan to replace the CAN wiring with a twisted pair at the same time.

Thank You very much for your replies.

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