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Wiring CAN nodes together

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hi team.

Is there any reason I can’t wire 2 nodes to the same splice in the trunk?

I can’t see one but can’t hurt to check.


canbus not a 3port water pipe,its like a highway must be pass it one by one,if you connect at one port the car will crash.

OK Thanks.

What is the minimum distance between nodes along the bus?

I dont recall seeing it in the CAN, fundamentals or club wiring courses.

There's no real minimum distance that I have found in the CAN Specs. Mainly the limitations are going to be physically being able to mount the devices close enough. I have had CAN Bus branches that are 50mm long without issues.

You can also split out from a splice to multiple devices if needed. We have test looms that have a single CAN that goes into a splice with 10 connections off of it.

In my vehicle I have multiple CAN Devices in each corner (Tyre Temp, Brake Temp and Tyre Pressure) that I have run a single CAN Bus too and then split into the three different CAN Devices.

Awesome thanks. It was node spacing along the bus not node length so first response was incorrect then. Great info.

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