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Knock detection

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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Hi! I have just seen Understanding knock video and there is sound of knock in knock detection system was demosntrated. Does this sound affected by knock threshold you choose or it's the same regardless to this threshold?

The sound is the raw signal. You set the threshold so that when that sound (real knock) is discovered, the ECU can modify the ignition timing to eliminate it.

Have anybody used stethoscope for detecting knock? I've heard from professional tuners (motorbike industry) that it's quite good also.

Every experienced tuner is usually using both while working with ignition timing setting - electronic knock control and a set of det cans that we call stethoscope in Russia.

Very interesting! It seems that det cans are better, than usual stethoscope, right? Do you mean those det cans made of PVC hose and headphones?

Yep. Same thing basically.