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On high altitude. Can I boost ++?

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When I travel to a city on the montains, the unique way to refound the power back is possible in a turbocharged engine? Incresing boost?

The turbo works harder to make the same boost in the manifold.

If my ambient pressure at the coast is 101kPa, and the my pressure at the mountains in 91 kPa (3000m altitude), my turbo pressure ratio increases. The compressor speed is higher. So you need to check the compressor map for the turbo on the engine. If you are maxed out at sea level, you could damage the turbo at altitude, or you need to limit boost.


Yes it's possible to do this as altitude increases. We use this technique in the Pikes Peak car we tune to maintain a relatively consistent power level as the altitude increases. As Raymond has mentioned above though, you do need to have headroom available in the turbo to achieve this.

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