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A Cheaper Way to Crimp AMP Superseal 1.0 Solid Contacts

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Hello everyone,

with Race Spec Online's recent release of the Race Spec™ SS 1.0 Solid Contact I've been very eager to use them in my new harness. One thing I definitely was not eager about however is spending $400+ on the tooling alone to use these great new contacts. So I placed a Race Spec™ SS 1.0 Solid Contact into my $29 dollar Tool Aid S&G 18890 size 20 crimpers, and realized that it fit perfectly. These crimpers have an adjustable "positioner" and I was able to back it out until the terminal sat about 0.5mm-1mm below the surface, the sweet spot. It crimps just like you'd expect a size 20 contact would. The crimp passes the tug test and I couldn't be any more pleased with the outcome.

I'm not saying this is a good idea if you build harnesses for a living. But for people like me, who are only seeking to wire up their race machine, then this couldn't get any better.

Racespec initially released the solid pins before the custom tool was ready. At that time, they recommended the universal position for the AFM8. So there's definitely more than one way to get the job done.

Personally, I think Racespec made a mistake going with the green handled DMC tool. They chose the green handled one because that one single tool can do all the sizes, 16 through 22. They didn't make the positioner for AFM8 because it can't do 16awg, so they would need a positioner for the AFM8 and a second one for the AF8.

The trouble is that NOBODY has (had?) the green tool, and that's a big cash outlay right there. I would much rather buy 2 positioners, than a new tool and a new positioner. Two positioners would be much cheaper for anyone already invested in the DMC toolset.

Thanks for the info. I also agree that it was a mistake to make their custom positioner for the MH860 only. Does it really make sense to do that when the amp rating of 16awg tefzel probably far exceeds that of the contacts themselves? Can the contacts even handle more than an 18awg wire? Doubt it. A size 16 solid contact has a rating of 13 amps, but the SS 1.0 solid contacts are closer to the size of size 20 contacts which are only good for a measly 7.5 amps...

SS1.0 is rated at 15A, IIRC.

Same diameter as a size 20 but longer engagement length is probably how it's rated higher.

I'm looking at this post and trying to decide whether to get the regular AMP Superseal 1.0 open barrel style terminals or these Race Spec closed barrel ones. The price of the terminals is less of a consideration to me if I can crimp them with the Tool Aid tool mentioned above, which is part of the 18700 kit. For a novice, which style terminal would be easier and have a more reliable connection? It seems like a closed barrel design would be more fool proof, but I'm new at this, so would appreciate any input. Buying the $400 tooling would be a non-starter for me though and push me to the regular AMP 1.0 terminals.

Thanks for any advice on this as I work toward gathering everything for my Emtron patch harness project.


I got my 1jz running on haltech over the winter. Using the racespec closed barrel contacts were a great choice imo. Every crimp was very reliable and quick to do. I would trust a closed barrel crimp over an open barrel every time. The cost of the contacts are expensive but it's worth it. If you go this route, just make sure to adjust the positioner to the correct depth so the contact is sitting ~1mm below the surface of the tool.


wow I didn't know they were rated that high, that's sick. They definetly do seem a bit longer so you're prolly right


The closed barrels are certainly easier for a novice. That said I'm still on the fence if for me - someone who crimps hundreds or more a week - the almost 3x (before price breaks) cost is worth the speed.

Figured I ask the question here instead of creating a new thread. Matt mentions a universal positioner for the AFM8 was at some point recommended by Racespec before their positioner was ready. I do not own an AFM8 but I do own an AF8, is there a positioner that people have successfully used with the solid contacts from Racespec and a AF8.

Hello Michael,

The universal positioner for the AF8 (DMC UH2-5) can be used apparently. I have not tried it personally as I have the MH860 with the Racespec positioner, however they said the universal tools for the AF8 & AFM8 can be used... I am guessing the universal tool for the MH860 can also be used if someone had that and didn't want to buy the Racespec positioner.

I find now that I have the MH860, I only use the AF8 for size 12 contacts, as the MH860 can crimp size 16 contacts and is the same size as the AFM8, so it is much less cumbersome to use.

Awesome, thank you Callum. I will give the UH2-5 positioner a try.

What are the downsides of a universal positioner? I managed to find a decent deal on an MH860 on ebay and am now wondering whether a universal positioner will be sufficient for the Racespec SS 1.0 solid contacts and DTM terminals, or whether it is worth the extra cost to get dedicated positioners. The RS positioner is pricey, but the others are fairly affordable in the knock-off versions on Amazon.

Honestly, if you are going the expense of using the Race Spec contacts, I would always recommend the correct tooling. The best contacts in the world are of no use if the knock off equipment used doesn't crimp it correctly. That's just my opinion, especially if it's something I am putting my name to.

As a hobbyist planning to do a pretty involved build on a motorbike with dual DBW with a mix of AS DT and Superseal I kept an eye out on used tooling over the last year or so. I ended up buying some very good condition crimpers on ebay pretty cheap. Crimping function is a priority however positioners not so much. I've got a HDT48 with the adjustable depth for DT, and AF8M and about 10 positioners for the AS stuff. Just recently bought a MH860 and its on its way for the SS pins. I didn't know you could use an adjustable positioner in a AF8M or that racespec were recommending it prior to the custom tooling or I would have saved my money. But on this topic how different is the crimp on a HDT48 to that of the AF8M? Those SS pins look pretty close to DT closed barrel.

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