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Best Professional Level Crimper for Open Barrel Terminals?

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi Guys, first post here. I recently completed the Fundamentals course and am now taking the Club Level. Loving the wealth of info and it's been worth every penny.

I have been getting more wiring jobs lately and wanted to start upgrading my tooling starting with the ones that I use the most. I have mostly been doing engine harnesses and my biggest struggle has been getting repeatable quality crimps on OE-style open-barrel terminals with rubber seal (injectors, TPS, etc.). I have been using the standard Tool Aid red and blue handle crimpers with decent results, but about 1 out of every 10 terminals ends up uneven and requires some fiddling to get a proper crimp. I purchased the delphi 12085271 tool and was not impressed at all.

I would like to upgrade to a professional-level tool that would give consistent and reliable crimps. Budget is a factor, but willing to invest in something if it's worth the price. I have been looking at the Pressmaster MCT and the Rennsteig PEW12 as I have heard great things about both, but also open to other options. The Pressmaster is the more affordable of the 2 and I can stomach the price of the dies a little more, but if the Rennsteig is a superior tool, I will most likely bite the bullet and pick it up. Thanks in advance for any recommendations or experience you can share.


The 12085271 is what most would use for crimping multiple wires into open barrel splices, so it is way too big for a single sensor wire/terminal.

I cant really think of any professional level tool that will do a wide range of common sealed terminals, you will usually find most professional level "one shot" tools will have a specific die set for each terminal family. So for example for me the most common sealed terminals I use would be JPT for injectors and temp sensors, GT150 for pressure sensors and Microtimer for LSU, those would need a PEW12 and 3 die sets. And changing the dies in a low volume situation is a pain in the arse so you would really want 3 handle sets too...

The 1026CT is pretty hard to beat as a universal tool (I think what you are referring to as your toolaid red).

I have found a Chinese tool that does a decent job on about 50% of my most common sealed terminals and for the rest I stick with a 1026CT. I don't do much OEM stuff like sumitomo or Yazaki though so cant say how suitable it is for that.

This tool uses a cheap iwiss handle but has custom wirecut dies, I haven't seen it anywhere else: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002886249553.html

Hey Adam, great insight. Those are the equivalent of the red manual crimpers I'm currently working with. I am learning a bit of the finesse to holding the terminal while crimping so they don't twist and come out funky the more I use them. Don't think I'm doing quite enough work to justify $1k in Rennsteig tooling yet, but maybe down the line.

And that chinese crimper is a great find. I'm actually going to order that one right now. It's rare you find cheap tools that actually work well.

Thanks again for the info! Cheers

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