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DTM Connector Dust/Protective Caps?

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I have a couple of connectors that will end up not being connected on my harness, for CAN, Aux inputs, etc. I'm looking for some sort of cap that I can put over them especially since they have 5V and 12V lines in them.

I found these (which are perfect):

but they only come in 3 and 12 pin sizes. TE sells ones for DT connectors, but nothing that I've found for DTM shells. Anyone got anything?

In the past Ive just crimped short 2" loops between pins on on the opposite row on a standard connector/receptacle. Also acts as a way to splice in at a later date if a customer only has access to things like butt connectors.

cant use the other half of the connector and fill it with terminals and red sealing pins?

Yes, that is probably what I am going to end up doing. Unfortunately it leaves a pretty bulky chunk of plastic laying there, as the DTM receptacles are not exactly small, despite the plugs being so. I may look in to sacrificing a couple of plug bodies to dip mold some plastisol caps myself. It shouldn't be rocket science.