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ECUMaster Black Wiring!

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hello Guys!

Might be stupid question. I've had someone approach to install an ECUMaster Black ECU.

All looks pretty simple but every ECU Toyota based and Aftermarket one have had both the Cam and Crank with VR sensors + and - on seperate pins on the ECU. Looking at the Documentation for ECUMaster Black it only has Primary Trigger (Crank) and Cam signal with no negative connection!

Can I assume that you are using the Signal Ground wires for the Triggers!

Please Help driving me insane looking for info!

G'day Chris.

Your on the money. Wire the positive lead from the VR sensor to the input pin, and the negative pin to the sensor ground pin :-).

Cool Bananas Zac! Here to save the day!

One other question!

Megasquirt advises to Ground the shields to the Sensor Ground!

Some don't specify!

What is the professional opinion! Ground to Cylinder head or Star Grounding point or use Sensor ground.

I like to ground the shield grounds to the power ground of the ECU, or a part of the chassis close to where the ECU is mounted. Make sure you only ground them at one end though to avoid any ground loops.

I believe the advice about grounding the shields to the sensor ground stems from some OEM wiring where the shield is used as the reference ground conductor, for example a 2 wire knock sensor may be run with a single core shielded wire, and the shield is used as the sensor ground. Not the way I like to do it though.