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GT86 Engine Swap - Motec M150 Reallocation of Inputs/Outputs

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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G'Day Everyone,

I've spent about 20 hours researching what's involved in swapping a 3-litre Subaru flat-6 (EZ30'R') into a GT86 using Motec's targeted package. Motec have confirmed the M150 can handle it no problem and that they've got support for that particular motor. The closest I've come to a wiring project like this is rebuild a set of coilovers so I'm very much a novice and struggling to keep my head above water!

I've reorganised the info about 5 times in a spreadsheet and the attached document represents my most coherent attempt. I've tried to think in terms of the physical components and as you'll see I've used the bulkhead connectors as the point of reference (based on the, perhaps incorrect, assumption that no changes have to made the the body loom, only the engine loom).

It seems pretty straight forward as most of the functions match up but no provision appears to have to been made for the Heated oxygen sensor or the Wide range fuel ratio sensor in the adpater loom. Likewise the 'FPF' function (Fuel Pressure feedback?) for the direct injectors appears to have been ignored. What's the story there?

What does the next step look like? Should I attempt to add the EZ30R to the pin out? Is there an obvious piece of information I'm missing that's preventing this from falling into place?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Heath

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You will probably ignore the factory O2 Sensors and connect a MoTeC LTC (or LTC-D to do both banks), for wideband input that works with the MoTeC M1.

The reason for no Fuel Pressure Direct being in the Engine Swap Package is that this Package is based off of GPR rather than GPR-DI as the presumption is that a non DI engine is going to be transplanted into the vehicle. The Fuel Pressure Direct sensor resource is on AT5.

Ah this is great :) I'm basically trying to do the same thing here. Subscribed!

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