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Haltech 2000 wiring r32 skyline

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi team

I'm currently planning out the wire in harness for my haltech 2000 to r32 skyline I've made my own relay and fuse panel utilizing the factory r32 skyline relay 12+ ignition switch wiring trouble is the wiring from the haltech loom to ground the relays is 20awg which is slightly smaller wire size than the 12+ factory skyline loom is this an issue or not to worry as it is a low current circuit I was also planning on using the haltech ground wire to daisy chain link 3 relays is this ok aswell thanks in advance

G'day Dale.

The switching coils of most automotive relays don't tend to draw more than 200mA, so 20AWG is more than adequate for the low current side of many, many relays. You shouldn't have an issue :-).