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Ignition coil trigger wiring.

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hello all

Below is a direct quote from the AEM infinity 6 pin out. Please help me understand the warning in the notes about not connecting to the coil primary. When I look at wire diagrams included in the AEM manual it looks like they wire directly to the coils in many of their examples.. I'm confused. Do I need a CDI or igniter or not?

I will be connecting to a J series 3.5L Honda 2003 with coil on plug ignition.

C1-13 Coil 2

25 mA max source current

0-5V Falling edge fire. DO NOT

connect directly to coil primary. Must

use an ignitor OR CDI that accepts a

FALLING edge fire signal.

You NEVER connect directly on a coil primary.

If it's a "dumb" coil, you NEED an igniter.

If it's a "smart" coil, you can connect directly to the input pin of the coil. ( the igniter is embedded in the coil)

Now, you have to figure out if you have "dumb" or "smart" coils.

For what I found the J35A(4/5) seems to use "smart" coils.

Pin 1: +12V (round edge)

Pin 2: ground

Pin 3: Signal (clip) <- connect here


Thank you so much! big help for this Webber and coil/points guy. (leaving my barometer and altitude density kit at home now).


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