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Injector wire Size.

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Just curious on your thought of running 6 High impedance injectors off of one 18awg wire spliced out to six 22awg wires? I am constricted on wire size on my connector housing so I cant go bigger than 18awg. I do have a couple empty slots in the housing so I could run two wires if I have to, but one wire would be preferable.



How long a run are you looking at for each of the wires? What is the resistance of the injectors? if they are 16ohm injectors then you should be under the Amp capacity of the wire as long as the runs are not excessive in length.

The 18awg run is super short. Its likely only going to be about 6 inchs. And the longest 22 awg run is just over 2 feet. I havent had an opportunity to get an ohm reading on the injectors yet. I was just estimating on a max of 1amp per injector.

I don't think you will have a problem with either 18 or 20 ga wire at 6 Amp max.

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