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is there a pulse relay?

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Hello ,

Are there any relays that operate by pulse?

I put in the mass with a push button, it closes. I reset to the mass and this time they reopen?

Thank you in advance for your answers

i am not 100 percent on what you are asking but a momentary digital input should do this in the ecu

Regards Ross

it is to order accessories from a sterring wheel panel with push buttons only

best regad's Valentin

I would just use toggling push button switches.

I'd agree to use standard relays and toggle switches but if you're in a position where you HAVE to find a solution with what you have they're usually called 'latching' relays. Hella makes/supplies a few. I'm not certain where you'd pick them up in France but here's a US amazon link to help you find something:


Thanks for these answers, I will try to find an equivalence. It will be easier to find by starting with the exact name of the relay.

thanks a lot

Best Regards