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SR20DET ECU Connector pin part number?

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I am searching for SR20DET ECU connector pins (S15r), struggling to find them.

Can anybody help me with a part number please?

Looks like it might be this:


Here is a complete ECU connector kit:


My suggestion is to contact Wiring Specialties -- looks like they can supply what you need.

I appreciate the links, I did come across them but they become prohibitively expensive when ordering from the UK.

The bottom link shows they do have the correct pins for the blue connector, however if I put the top link in the shopping cart I get:

$4.95 10pins + $16.10 shipping = $21.05, that puts it into import tax bracket 20% (VAT) and Royal Mail handling charge due to import VAT, approx $9.

So cost becomes approx $35 landed for 10 pins

With part a part number hopefully I can find a UK or European source (No additional UK VAT from EU)

You should order 20-80 pins then. Shipping won't change. I suggest using the forums to find an individual to privately trade some parts, keeping the costs low and out of commercial processing.

The connector series is the very common hybrid 040/070 multilock, you will be able to get them from your local mouser or similar.

You can get the terminals in various plating types and wire gauge sizes but here's a couple of common ones:

040, tin plated 20-22AWG = 173716-1

070, tin plated 16-20AWG = 776129-6

Exactly what I needed! Thank you

The reason for the terminals is I am wiring in your new E-Throttle controller into NS15+ using VW mk4 1.8t 06a 133 062c Throttle body, I assume it's the same body as Audi TT 1.8t for setup data.

E-Throttle Signal1 requires AUX 1-4, which are all used on the ECU header but with the terminals I can do some minor rearranging and resigning without butchering the stock loom.

I bought these 070 multilock 776129-6 but they were the wrong ones, just a heads up in case others try using them. I ended up cut/crimping and reusing some existing pins.


Wiringspecialities said they don't have pins for the blue ECU connector.

Black/Red is the original pin, Blue is 776129-6

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