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Doesn't seem they have crimp style buttons, so is the other means to use the screw down or solder? I know solder is usually an "avoid if you can situation", but don't know how well the screw down terminals will work being on a steering wheel. How do you guys wire up a steering wheel control?

We use Otto push buttons that have solder terminals, we have custom machined barrel nuts that provide protection for these solder connections, then I fill the back with silicon. The barrel nut allows either a removable 90-deg rubber boot, or a Raychem heat shrink boot to be easily fitted.

Here are a couple of pictures of a the buttons (include a toggle switch with screw terminals) that has been in service for almost 15 years. This was before I was using boots on the back, but it shows how I fill them with silicon, and what the nuts look like.

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Nice, we will be using the OTTO P5-3 I believe. What boot do you use for the OTTO Push button?

I use this RB-290 boot. It's a bit of a stretch (ie, wait for your silicon to fully cure before stretching this over the back).

RB290 Boot Link

That's some lovely stuff David! I've used a similar technique in the past, but with APEM flat front pushbuttons that would accept a hard wearing sticker. The custom nuts on the back and the potting are a great solution.