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Superseal 1.0 Crimp tool

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hello all! Glad to be a part of this amazing group of knowledge.

That being said, can someone please point me in the direction of a cost effective Superseal 1.0 crimp tool like seen in the wiring tutorials? Please include brand and part number so I can get one ordered asap.

All the best,


Go up to the first post at the top of this forum that is titled "Course tools and materials"

Thanks Adam. I did see that post however there is only one tool listed from one specific retailer. It's pricey and a week away on shipping. Not to mention, it's also different that the one the guys mention within the course.

The one they are using in the course has three crimps that fold the open barrel closed properly with the pinch in the middle and two round crimps which roll the insulation portion over in a round shape (no pinch).

So is it not this one:


That is the main one I have seen Zac use. If they dont have it in stock or $43 is too expensive then search its part number 1026CT and you will find other stockists.

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